Benefit SA Makeup Master Class

Benefit SA Makeup Master Class

Benefit SA recently held a makeup class in Durban, which took place at the Gateway Hotel.

Before I get into the class, let me go into a quick background. Here’s what I learnt about the brand:



Benefit is all about being bold and loud. It does not fit into the normal world of beauty. Their products are all about expressing your individuality and fun – showing you that makeup does not always have to be serious to be good. I love their take on make up because expressing your individuality is exactly what The Ocity Factor is about.


Because women are the most beautiful when they are happy.
Benefit exists to make women feel good and beautiful.


They are all about solving beauty dilemmas with instant solutions.


The Event:
Going into the event, I did not have any expectations. I thought that it would be a quick demo and talk about the brand. I was surprisingly mistaken. The event was extremely WORTH IT. It included:



#LaurenESays “A bad brow will ruin a good girl.” – Preach it!


Here’s what I learnt about brows specifically from the event:


According to Benefit, there are 4 types of brows:
– The Benefit, bold angular brow
– The natural brow
– The feathered brow
– The straight brow


Why brows are so important?

It transforms your face – Brows are an important feature on your face as it frames the features on your face.


Brow Styling:
Find a brow style is important – you can change it to suit your mood, look or even for a specific occasion.


All in all, the event was very informative & so much fun! I would definitely recommend it to others.



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