Blogger VS Influencer

Blogger VS Influencer

We are not all the same thing.


Some are both, but some are distinctly one or the other. Learn the difference.


This is something that has been frustrating me and I know I’m not the only blogger who feels this way. Social media is big and it continues to grow. As it grows, more and more brands look to promote their products using different versions of ambassadors.


Some are just that – solely brand ambassadors. While others might be bloggers, influencers or both.


While both might seem like the same thing, they are not and people should not mistake the two for being the same thing.


Influencers are people on social media that have a huge following and as a result have a huge impact on people’s buying decisions. They will persuade people to want a product just by posting a picture and be seen wearing / using the product. They usually will not have a website.


Bloggers on the other hand are not just influencers. They have a website and a lot of work goes into creating original content – not just images for their readers. Blogging is a passion and for some even a job. It’s for those who love to express themselves and who love to write. It’s more than just social media. Bloggers may use social media to promote and let people know when new content is out but it is not their only means of communication.


Lately a lot of people mistake my personal Instagram for my blog – which it is NOT. Not even my blog’s social media pages are considered my ‘blog.’ Each medium is a way to communicate aspects of my blog. Twitter is there for updates and so is Facebook. I use Facebook to also share interesting articles that I find. Instagram is where I feature local style as well as inspiration from others. Pinterest is where you will find all the inspiration you want from the latest trends. Lastly, YouTube is where I create videos, challenges, blogs and show you behind the scenes when we shoot. Each platform is different BUT they are all not ‘blogs.’


This is my one and ONLY blog. All my content has been planned and thought out. It takes a lot of time and effort and it will not be downgraded just because people are to lazy to actually read and understand the different platforms on the digital landscape.


So, mini little rant is over. I hope this helps clarify the difference and I hope that you learn to call each by what they really are. We all work hard to create content that you consume, so show the bloggers and influencers the respect they deserve.


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2 thoughts on “Blogger VS Influencer”

  • I literally just wrote a post on this as well and could not agree more!

    Blogging is hard and is SO much more than just instagram. I mean……the website design, the written content, the post ideas. It is SO much.

    I’m so happy i’m not the only one who feels this way!


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