Crazy Hair Trends: Glitter Roots

Crazy Hair Trends: Glitter Roots

When I first heard about this trend, I thought it was ridiculous!

It looked weird and I really did not like the idea of putting glitter on your roots and basically highlighting the fact that you did not get your hair done in awhile. The idea, to me was sloppy.



Now that the trend has seemingly died down, I decided to do a bit of research on it (and by research I mean look on Pinterest duh!).

I looked at some images of how others have styled their looks and I was surprised.


Now looking back, I actually love the idea! I think it is a cool way to style your hair for an event or a party. It is something fun and different and looks absolutely amazing on braids! I may not like the idea of highlighting your roots but I definitely think adding glitter can give your hairstyle an extra Ocity Factor!

Images from Pinterest.
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