Cut Out & Customise!

Cut Out & Customise!

Lately I have been seeing that the Cut Out T-Shirt look has been trending. From celebs to bloggers, everyone is cutting out & customising their tees! Adding the lace up element just takes your t-shirt game to the next level.



I really love the look as it can be super casual or you can dress it up. Either way you look chic AF!


I decided to do the same. I’m not into bands that much so I bought a cute Daredevil comic tee. At first, I didn’t want to cut the shirt because it was looking so cool 🙁 But after cutting it, I was super impressed at how good it looked! I’m obsessed! I am definitely going to be doing more t-shirt cuts soon!




The best part about this trend is you can transform old tees into something new & unique. Customising it allows you to make it as unique and as different as you want to!


This trend is PERFECT for the summer. Take your looks to the next level & customise your tees.

I love how this trend let’s you bring out your Ocity Factor!


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