Insta VS Snap

Insta VS Snap

Lately Instagram & Snapchat have been head-to-head with the concept of stories.

I decided to look at some pros & cons of both:


insta vs snap


  • Less public, you have to know the persons snapcode / username in other words not everyone can just stalk you
  • Filters & geofilters as well as new partnership with Bitmoji makes it more personalised and fun
  • For brands, instant survey results using screenshot count
  • Discover where brands can post short articles which people are more likely to read
  • Live Stories, where people from all over the world can add too
  • You can upload any image / video from the past (videos of any lenght)
  • You can select what snapstories to view so that you are not viewing them all at once

Instagram Stories:

insta vs snap


  • Everyone can see, hence more people for influencers to target
  • More pen options
  • More filters (not like the dog filters etc though, just general filters)
  • They recently introduced a live option
  • You can view stories from people you don’t follow which is both bad & good
  • You can’t change the time you want your image to last
  • You can upload only images from the last 24hrs although there is a way around this if you screenshot the image
  • The latest boomerang feature
  • You can’t really upload videos more than 10secs
  • Verified accounts can add links that you swipe up to view
  • You can tag the people in your stories and it takes you to their account


It looks like even though Snapchat had the innovation, Instagram is starting to take the lead in the battle of the stories. I still love to use Snapchat, maybe because it’s a bit more private. Comment below which one you prefer.


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