Let’s talk leather!

Let’s talk leather!

It’s been a while since I have posted. Working life changes you. It changes your perception on life. You begin to appreciate relationships and the things you have in your life. You also tend to look for more fulfilling things in life.

I have noticed that I have become less superficial, it’s not about trying to be like everyone – something that I have always stood for and is the meaning behind The Ocity Factor.

On that note, I have realised that I would rather spend my money on more quality items, especially now that I am working. I want things that are classic and will last a long time. I decided to look into leather and why people invest in purchasing leather products.

For someone who is always on the go, ideally what I want is a bag that is simple and stylish that is able to hold all my stuff in it and not break in a hurry! I also look for things, such as bags, that can subtly add character and at the same time is versatile enough to go with practically everything and anything!

Find more facts here: Mahi Leather

After learning more about leather, I definitely see the benefits of purchasing leather items as it is of a high quality than other fabrics, it’s more durable and not to mention the fact that it is functional yet timeless at the same times!

Do you own any leather items? Comment your experience with leather below!

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