Majestic Master Class

Majestic Master Class

Time to be completely honest!

So as a blogger, it is my duty to attend events happening locally and let you guys know what they are all about. All my reviews are my honest opinion.

That being said, I recently attended The Majestic Make-Up Master Class in Durban.


Going into the class, on Facebook there was a list about what the class would include. Namely, a gift bag with products, a certificate, hair extensions as part of the gift bag (supposedly there would be a section on how to use it) as well as refreshments.


I did not know what to expect but considering the price (which I am not going to mention), one would assume that it would be exceptional. However, this was not the case.


master class

Here’s The Low Down:

2 Glam looks were done, a day and an evening look for formal events.


– Yes, some pointers were given but was it worth the price? No.


– I felt like even though it was a formal look, the amount of makeup that she put onto the face was crazy. I felt uncomfortable just watching. This is just my personal opinion as I don’t believe in so much of makeup. I am quite minimalistic.


– The class was mainly to introduce their new ‘Glo’ range, which is specific for Indian skin. Basically afterwards you could speak to her and get the code for what shade of the Glo range would suit you. So in essence, it is literally just to sell the new product. If you want to buy the product then great, I am not saying don’t buy it. The event is relevant if you want to specifically see how to use & apply those products properly.


master class


I didn’t see the point in a certificate because we just watching someone else doing makeup. We were not physically practicing it.


Gift Bag: Well, I recently attended another event, those tickets were literally half the price of these tickets and it was a 100 x better than this. These products did not seem of quality at all especially for the price of the tickets. We did not receive extension’s however they did compensate by giving a 6th product instead. The reasoning being one the supplier was out of stock and two, not everyone has black hair.


master class


I mean, I could go on and on but it all comes back to the fact that I don’t think it is worth it for the price. If you want to go, again I emphasise that I am not stopping you or telling you not to go. I just think that you need to really consider the pros & cons of attending first and maybe check out a few YouTube videos first before attending any type of master class in general.


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