Summer Daze

Summer Daze

I know we are technically suppose to be in ‘winter’ but come on this is Durban. >> What even is winter? #LOL


The big question is what do you do if you want to wear a bikini but not expose your body?


Personally, I hate wearing fitted clothing. I know I’m thin and I basically have no fat to hide but I still prefer baggy clothes that are comfy. So there’s no surprise that I won’t wear a bikini in front of anyone.


There is a simple solution for all you classy, modest ladies out there. A bright, colourful bikini paired with a long white tee looks superb. 


You look great, you will feel fantastic and bonus: it adds a bit of mystery to your look!

  • This is perfect if you need a lil confidence boost or if you’re in public.
  • A simple pair of shorts can easily translate this beach look into a chic, casually laid back brunch look!
  • Perfect if you want to wear a bikini at the beach in ‘winter.’
  • School trip / tour = no problem!
  • This look can also be worn to a water park where you might not be comfortable in front of a bunch of strangers.
  • It’s also excellent for an impromptu pool party with friends.


My look consists of a bikini from Top Shop & my favourite white tee by Cotton On.


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