The Athleisure Movement

The Athleisure Movement

Athleisure has become bigger than a trend. It’s lifestyle, a movement.


Basically wearing active wear is not just for the gym. Why? Because its comfortable!


Athleisure has blurred the lines between function and fashion. Therefore it has become essential that every fashion forward trendsetter knows how to work the Athleisure style. There are so many ways to wear this trend. You can really push the boundaries of fashion and create looks that are visionary.


Here are some Pinterest examples:



Vogue has a great article on the 5 Golden Rules to Athleisure. Consider it the Holy Grail to Athleisure.


I tend to live in leggings. Here’s my take on the Athleisure look. Its simple and comfy with a twist of high fashion:

  • Leggings from Pick ‘n Pay Clothing. Super Comfy!
  • Plaid shirt / flannel tied over leggings.
  • Chanel Crop Top. I rarely wear crop tops. I hate them, but when worn right it looks amazing.
  • Forever 21 reflective shades are a must. Cool shades completely change your look.
  • Loafers but you can wear sneakers. I’m not the biggest fan of sneakers. I wear them occasionally.



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