The Morning Trade

The Morning Trade

The Morning Trade happens every Sunday in Durban at Station Drive.
Here’s the low down.


Picture This:
Walking through a vibrant street as you make your way to ‘The Plant’ where The Morning Trade is situated. Outside are barrels-turned-sitting area. You past a few food trucks and as you enter you are hit with this incredible atmosphere filled with the smell of fresh food and great vibes. The Morning Trade is not just a food market but an experience.


It is the epitome of Durban culture. It is filled with loads of artisan local brands, products & most importantly FOOD!
I have found some really cool amazingly delicious food at this market.


If you want a simple morning, strolling by yourself or brunching with the family then The Morning Trade is definitely the place to be. I can guarantee that you will be on a food high after attending and there is no doubt, YOU WILL BE BACK FOR MORE!


But enough of me trying to explain this experience, check out these pictures from the Morning Trade which speak for themselves!


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