The Terracotta Army

The Terracotta Army

So the Terracotta Army moving exhibit, was at Gateway recently. I am definitely not a history person so everyone was shocked when I really wanted to go see the exhibit.


I was drawn and intrigued by it and it definitely did not disappoint! It was so interesting, not just the history behind it but the actual statues and artefacts were incredible.


They were so realistic and beautiful. Sometimes you need to just do something different and the best way to learn something new is if you check out exhibits with beautiful history behind it. The value you get from going to things like this is so worth it.


Something’s are better learnt in real life rather than over google. So go out and learn from things & places around you. Live life outside the walls of your room. (Yes, I know the irony of this – coming from a blogger! Hah!)


Live life! Don’t let life just past by.
Create memories & experiences, even if it’s just to an exhibit! You never know what you may find or love!


Check out the slides below for a glimpse into the exhibit:


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